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Results from M14 Service Rifle and CQB Clinic

Participants from 3 provinces attended this event, a first for Lone Butte FWA.  The event went over 4 days, the last two happening at Lone Butte Range.  The instructor was Barney.  He is a well known instructor from the Canadian Service Rifle discipline.  His background at the moment is a former member of the PPCLI; coach and instructor of the OPP Sniper team and coach to the Canadian Sniper Team.

The clinic (range portion) focused on the proper sighting in of the M14 battle rifle.  Following his instruction students found it easy to dial into distances of 600 yds.  Students then practiced out to 200 yds.  The second day focused on Service Rifle type matches with an emphasis on CQB events.  Safety was a large component of this clinic and multiple Safety Officers were assigned to monitor range safety.

Day 2 focused on snap shooting Service Rifle style, first on single targets and then multiple targets.  Students then progressed to double taps and then double taps on multiple targets.  Students also learned the Israeli mag change on the M14.  Very impressive when done smoothly. Students went on to learn the correct prone and modified prone positions.

The heat was in the 35-40 degree range.  Students learned the importance of staying hydrated and of keeping mags and ammo cool.  Multiple mag failures were experienced in the heat. 

All in all it was an excellent clinic; the course presenter was very knowledgeable with a great sense of humor.  All participants came away with a much better understanding of their M14 Battle rifle and how to use it proficiently and safely.

If anyone is interested in Service Rifle type shooting I am planning on offering some basic SR introductory events in August at LBFWA.  The club has done them in the past and perhaps it is time to reintroduce them.  BTW, you don't need an M14 to participate.  Any serviceable AR, SKS, Garand, Mini 14, or VZ858 will be fine.  You will need multiple mags for your rifle.  Please PM me or phone (250-395-6179) for more info.