Welcome to the Rifle Committee Page of the Lone Butte Fish & Wildlife Assocoation

My name is Grayson Klassen, and at the last AGM on November 16, 2017 I stood up for the Chair of the Rifle Committee. I wanted to be a part of this club and I wanted to help out to the best of my abilities.

Having said this I must keep in mind that this is all our club and it will grow and improve with efforts from all.

There are many opportunities for the rifle committee. Really it is up to you how we proceed. I would love input from members and ideas as to what the members would like to see and do. I have a few ideas such as a weekend reloading clinic, shooting clinics, and some fun shoots. I would love to hear your ideas and my e-mail address is grayson.klassen@norbord.com if you would like to send me a note.

The committee and this page are going to be a living thing, they will change over time as dictated by what people would like to do and see. I will do my best to keep this page fresh and new so check back often to see what is going on. Please remember that I am new to this and haven't completely charted a path yet.

Remember Range safety comes first.