About Us

The Lone Butte Fish and Wildlife Association were incorporated in the early 80’s. Its first name was the Lone Butte Rod and Gun Club. This entity had its meetings at the Lone Butte Community Hall and has a shooting facility on Taylor lake road. Eventually in 1985 a 30 acre property was leased for the present day range. The clubs name was change to the Lone Butte Fish and Wildlife Association to better handle the diverse recreational community.

The LBF&WA has an outdoor 100 and 200 yard Big-Bore range, as well as a 50 yard general Handgun range, a 50 yard mixed rifle range, a Small-bore silhouette range, Shotgun range and an Indoor Range.The indoor range is used by small bore Air Rifle and handgun year round.
Wanted: Pictures of hunting, fishing, target shooting and club functions email to para40@bcinternet.net

Range Fees:

First it is important to understand that as an individual member you are welcome to bring your family to the range for shooting practice etc. You may also bring out of town guests to enjoy your range with you. If you and your spouse and family use the range on a regular basis and you wish to have guests shoot with you, it mandatory that your guest signs in and pays the $10.00 day user fee with a special discount for juniors(17 and under) at $2.00.

Range Safety:

The Board of Directors passed a motion in 2010 that requires both EYE and EAR PROTECTION for everyone on the firing line, shooters and spectators. Signs have been posted and executive and board members will be enforcing this policy. The range shooting sheds are equipped with Red and Green safety flags. A RED flag means the range is active and firearms may be handled and discharged. A GREEN flag means that the range is not active and absolutely no firearms may be handled on the line or discharged. Please use the flags and be safe. The flags will not make up for a lack of awareness.

Range use:

This is your club and your range. Non members may not use the range except as mentioned above. To help ensure that everyone who uses the range is eligible to do so the Board requires that you have your membership card available for presentation when requested. That is why it is important to keep the temporary ID provided by the top portion of the membership invoice.